Busan, South Korea for Bosu-dong Book Street

Tucked in a little street of the otherwise very busy Nampo area in Busan, the Bookshop Alley will be a great find for anyone who is interested in off the beaten path attractions in Korea.

As the name suggest, the little alley is lined with crammed bookshops of all kinds. The history of this place is interesting, too – it formed after the Korean independence from Japan, when locals started selling books the Japanese left behind. During the Korean War, when Busan became the provisional capital, refugees sold and bought books to make a living. It became a go-to place to buy and sell used books before the publishing industry was fully established and people had higher standards of living. Nowadays, it a nice little pocket of vintage atmosphere in what is otherwise a very sleek, modern and fast city. If you’re lucky, you might even find some good English titles. One of the most popular bookshops, located in the middle of an alley has a charming little cafe. There also a lovely cafe at the very end of the alley, uphill. It’s small, but provides a perfect place to go over your recently-purchased finds over a cup of coffee. Definitely one of my favorite places in Busan!

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