Busan, South Korea for Chocolate Dinosaur Egg

Extravagantly decadent desserts are becoming a bit of a thing in Korea, but so far there is definitely one that takes the cake (no pun intended). Located in the bustling central area of Seomyeon, the Dala 100% Chocolate Cafe and its best selling point – the Dinosaur Egg – definitely live up to its name. Its shell is made of chocolate, the filling is pure chocolate ice cream and it all rests on chocolate shaved ice (something that Korea is famous for). And this is not where it ends – once you get served this lavish desert, you are also supposed to top it with added chocolate syrup. After that you get a hammer (you read that right!) to crack the egg open, after which you can fully give over to this chocolate fantasy. And as a reward for eating so much chocolate in a single serving, you also get a chocolate dinosaur in the very heart of the egg. This was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience, meaning that I will probably not make a conscious choice to eat so much chocolate in one sitting after this (or so I hope!)

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