Busan, South Korea for Jangsan Mountain and Waterfalls

If you find yourself on the Korean coast in 35 degrees weather and beaches are overcrowded and don’t seem to cut it anymore, you can always find relief on one of Busan’s numerous mountains and hills.

The closest one to where we were staying was the Jangsan mountain, which is located only 15 minutes away from the insanely popular tourist attraction, Haeundae beach. However, it is safe to say that once you step into the Jangsan forest, the crowds will noticeably decrease and so will the temperature! Jangsan has several hiking trails that are divided by steepness/difficulty, so there are several options if you decided to trek all the way up to the top. However, what was more interesting to me was staying in the foot of the mountain, where you will find a crystal-clear stream and several waterfalls (with a couple of Buddhist temples as well!) where you can just stay and relax. During the warm summer months, you will see children and some adults taking a dip in the refreshing, shallow waters of the stream. After the waterfalls, there is even an outdoor gym if you decided you had enough of lying around. A true little retreat!

Where I stayed / started

Jangsan Subway Station

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