Busan, South Korea for Relaxing Spa with an Amazing View

One of the things that is definitely a must-do when you visit Korea is to go to one of their relaxing spas, or jimjilbangs. The one we went to was definitely special, as it’s located on top of Dalmaji Hill, known for its beautiful views of the ocean, especially in the spring, when the cherry trees are in full bloom. Jimjilbangs are very cheap and for about 10,000 won (less than ten dollars), you can even spend the night here (albeit sleeping on a heated floor with a very small pillow). However, if you only opt for spa experience it’s likely that you’ll pay even less than that. At the entrance, we were given our jimjilbang clothes (big and comfortable) and a couple of towels (which you can fashion into a sheep-like shape to wear of your head) and then it was time to separate, as the baths area is gender-segregated – and yes, you have to prepare to be naked once you enter here. Before entering the bath, make sure to shower, as locals tend to frown upon going into the bath as is. For extra 20,000 won, there was also the option of a full body scrub provided by an old lady with mittens standing in the corner, but I definitely wasn’t ready for that. Once the bathing time was finished, I put back my spa slacks and went to reunite with my boyfriend in the spa/communal area. Depending on the spa you go to, this is where you will also have numerous additional facilities – cafe, restaurant, karaoke room, fitness rooms and others. Some people just choose to lie on a mat and fall asleep, which is exactly what I did. Money well spent!

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If you can, go on work days – it’s usually cheaper and less crowded.

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