Busan, South Korea for Sun and Fun in Songdo Beach

Located near the busy are of Nampo and the famous Jagalchi fish market, the Songdo beach in Busan is a prfect choice for those who would like to take a dip or lay out in the sun without straying too far from the city’s more urban areas. We went to Songdo beach by taking the 1011 bus which took a very scenic route and the best part of it was definitely its bridges. First we went across the monumental Gwangan (Diamond) seven kilometer long bridge, then the Busan Harbor Bridge that took us to the Yeongdo district and finally, the Namhang Bridge, from which we could see the entire Port of Busan with all its containers and cargo, which to some may not be so exciting, but to us it definitely was. Finally we arrived at the Songdo beach, by this point already crowded with people looking to get a relief on this hot summer Saturday. After finding some shade, we went to get some kimbap (little rolls with seaweed, rice and various other yummy stuff) and then just chilled for a couple of hours. The beach itself is a curious mishmash of tourist, industrial and urban atmosphere and while lying on the beach or swimming, you can observe numerous cargo ships in the distance (along with some interesting sea statues). Unfortunately, the water wasn’t particularly clean and, during the summer season, the beach authorities forbid visitors from going into the water after 6pm. After our day at the beach was over, we went into one of the numerous hweh (raw fish) restaurants that line the entire beach front. Maybe not my favorite beach on the Korean coast, but certainly one worth visiting!

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