Busan, South Korea for Ultimate Shopping Spree in Nampo

Nampo is probably what I would describe as the heart of Busan – it’s incredibly lively and right next to the harbor, making it super-interesting to explore. This area of Busan also seems to be know for shopping, and for a good reason to. In fact, regardless of whether you are into high couture or if you are a thrifting enthusiast or if you’re simply looking middle range stuff, Nampo is your place. The main street that stretches from exit 7 of the orange subway line is packed with shops selling both local and international brands, be it sports clothes, accessories or the famed Korean cosmetics. By venturing outside of the main street, you might bump into reasonably priced Korean clothes stores that are know for selling minimalist clothes in muted colors. And then, where you really step into the smallest alleys, you will find street vendors of all sorts, where you will be able to buy everything from phone accessories to light-bulb shaped glasses to Yves Saint Laurent knock-off bags. And once you get tired from all the shopping, make sure to go to the Busan International Film Festival Square, where you will be greeted with endless rows of delicious Korean street food.

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