Busan, South Korea for Zero Back to School Festival

AGIT is a Busan-based art collective that organises various artistic and cultural events and projects in the area around Busan National University (PNU). Among their most popular this year was the Zero/Back to School Festival that involved various activities, with the highlight being music performances held in three of the most well known alternative spots in PNU – Red Bottle, Crossroads and Basement. The bands featured were hailing from cities across Korea, including Busan, Seoul and Daegu. As far as genres went, there was something for everyone – from mellow, acoustic performances to to more celebral indie rock to the brunt, no-nonsense punk, the festival truly attempted to showcase talent from all scenes. Among my personal favourites we We Dance, a fun indie pop two-piece from Seoul and Busan’s own 3Volt, who were a bit rougher around the edges. When the gigs were finished, the party continued in streets and clubs across the PNU area.

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