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Cairo for Khan El Khalili Bazaar

A trip to Khan El Khalili when you visit Cairo is just an amazing experience. Although there are many guidebooks that describe the place but being there is completely different. The smell, the shops with glittering merchandise, the winding alleys, and the local products are all displayed in undescribable beauty. 

We stopped for breakfast at the famous Naguib Mahfouz coffee shop. The prices are a bit expensive but the ambiance is worth it. Oud player fills the place with lovely oriental music. 

Having done with breakfast we moved to the shops to explore what gifts we can buy, Gold there is very nice and prices are good. Was totally taken by silver shops displaying amazing accessories and ornaments. 

Carpets in the area are outstanding but very pricey as they are hand made.

After the tour stop near Al Hussein square were you can sample rice pudding or Mahalbia (Egyptian dessert). Or you can opt for the famous Egyptian fitir (at Egyptian pancake house) which is dough filled with either sweet or sour fillings.

You can combine Khan El Khalili with other attraction in the day for a complete variety of Cairo tours


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