Canlaon City, Central Visayas, Philippines for A Roadtrip

Hi there! We will now be continuing our journey in Negros Oriental. In my first Jrrny, I took you to Bacolod City. As what I’ve stated there, we didn’t take a plane going to that place. Hence, we’ve used a car for traveling. Upon traveling to Bacolod City, we also stopped by in some of the nicest places that we were able to look into – one of which is Canlaon City.

Canlaon City is very famous for Mount Kanlaon. Kanlaon was named after the famous folktale hero, Khan Laon. According to the legends, Khan Laon dared to kill the dragon that was a threat to the town. He was successful in doing this and in return the king gave him the princess as his bride. The people also named the mountain after the noble hero.

Enough for some legends, let me now tell you the experience I had during this roadtrip. After the stressful travel from Minglanilla, Cebu to Tangil, Barili and then from Guiholngan, Negros Oriental to La Castellana, Negros Oriental, it was a good thing that we were able to have a stop by at Canlaon City. The air was very refreshing and the trees around the area where we stopped by were also very refreshing. I can’t help but be amazed of the magnificent beauty that my eyes are taking me. The sight that I was looking at was just very mesmerizing. It was indeed a jaw-dropping moment.

After stopping by in this area, we then headed to continue our trip going to La Castellana – the place where we spent two nights in Negros Oriental. Next stop? Hmm. Wait for my next Jrrny!

Insider Tip

The City of Canlaon, is a fourth class city in the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines.

Where I stayed / started

La Castellana, Negros Oriental

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