Cetinje, Montenegro for A Quiet and Quaint Atmosphere

During our tour of the mountainous areas of Montenegro (which included a visit to Njegos Mausoleum, Podgorica and many others) we also decided to have a day stop in the town of Cetinje. This place used to be the capital of Montenegro until Podgorica took over that role in 1944. As a result of this, the two tons are nowdays completely different. While Podgorica is being rapidly built up, turning into a proper metropolis, Cetinje feels a bit like it froze in time. The central area of town still keeps all the buildings that once used to serve as major national institutions, all built in a classy 19th century France-inspired style with gorgeous colorful facades. There is also a big theater and a small humble arts university that is one of the rare things that hasn’t been moved to the modern capital. However, all of these landmarks are not kept in great shape, possibly because most people are moving out of Cetinje in the favor of Podgorica, where there are now more opportunities. As disheartening as that is, it gives the town this weird, unique vibe of a town that was once a really important place and is now quiet, serene, overgrown with moss and weeds.

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