Charlotte, NC, United States for Gettin' high! (literally, not figuratively)

Now that I’ve lured you in with a title only a 5th grader could love, listen up. I’ve got two of my favorite activities that are super fun, indoors (I got you, sniffly allergy sufferer), and totally for your internal daredevil.

First, Inner Peaks Climbing Center. Inner Peaks is the jam – it’s an indoor rock climbing park. They’ve got a huge brand new facility, it’s cheap (I think like $18 a day) and right in town. They’ve got a ton of amazing climbs, you can totally be a beginner and they’ve got all the gear so you can literally walk in and start climbing like 10 minutes later. Your muscles will burn but you can rest easy that you won’t plummet to your death or end up like James Franco in 127 hours gnawing your arm off. Skip the gym and head to Inner Peaks.

Second, and quite possibly the most fun, hit up Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Sky Zone is a giant trampoline park. Literally a room where the walls and floors are trampolines. I think this was my dream from ages 7-15, so I’m thrilled someone figured out how to make this a reality. You can just jump around like a normal lunatic or you can take a whole group of your friends and make have a killer dodge ball tournament. The price it by the hour. You’re going to think you want to stay for 4 hours, but after 10 minutes your lungs are going to be burning and your buns are going to be tight, so stick with one hour at a time.

Insider Tip

Inner Peaks is open til 10 pm on the weekdays!

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Charlotte, NC

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