Checking The Best Spa Of Japan for Refreshing Myself To Travel More

This time, I was traveling with some of my friends who also likes to travel a lot.
We made up our plan to travel Japan this time. Actually, this place was chosen by me. As I travel a lot more than them and I am their senior as well. So they give me the right to chose the perfect destination for our tour.

Confused why I chose Japan?

I think Japan is the complete country of the world. To be honest from our journey we find out that it has all the resources it need to be one of the unique places in the whole entire world. It has countless places where you can refresh yourself after a very busy life. The lovely spa has increased its visiting attraction. Have so many spas where you can refresh yourself from the tiring journey you have. That’s why before starting our exciting journey to the Japan we think to take a break at the best spa available here and then we will explore.

From our city Airport (Dhaka) we fly to the Tokyo International Airport as we planned before. The spa was very close to the airport so we don’t have to waste a lot of time. We take a quick tour by the taxi and come at this spa.

Let’s share some great things you must know about Spa Laqua.

Spa Laqua is one of the best spa in Japan and one of the few spa I encounter personally from my traveling experience which one is perfect for any points of view. It is full of a first class facility. A very modern spa having lots of enjoyable features. We take advantages of the natural hot springs what is bubbling up about 1700 meters underground. We feel the real hot springs and an outdoor bath for feeling the more of nature. The unique environments they made for the customers is very enjoyable.

You are very much welcome for starting your journey from there. After enjoying enjoyable moments we find out there was more. There are aromatherapy and Sauna for your more comfort. Also, a healing zone is available there where we spend some great relaxing time.

Apart from that, we encounter the lovely beautiful view of the Tokyo Dome by visiting this spa what will be priceless events in our journey.

Overall a great experience for us before starting our real journey.

Insider Tip

There is a beautiful restaurant in the Spa. Where you can eat delicious item very cheaply.

Where I stayed / started

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