Chelan, WA for Camping

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There are few words to describe how absolutely BREATHTAKING this area is. Huge mountains and giant sloping hills give way to a valley full of apple orchards, beaches, summer vacation-ers, and a super small, friendly community. I went camping there with some friends in late summer. We took a roadtrip through Idaho and into eastern WA – a drive full of beautiful, vastly unpopulated views. We were stocked with plenty of water, snacks, coolers, a couple uKegs, hammocks, tents, and blankets.

I hadn’t been camping since I was a kid, so it basically felt like a whole new experience. We arrived to the campsite around 10:45 pm and set up all of our gear, cracked open the cooler, and started roasting some hot dogs. (I know, so cliche, right?) Although the darkness would usually suggest otherwise, it was still super hot, so we started passing around Solo cups and filling them to the brim with sudsy, cool relief. We quickly realized we should have brought more! Luckily, Chelan counts on vacation-goers underestimating their beer consumption, so it’s never in short supply there.

We spent all of the next couple of days hiking, swimming, lounging and drinking. We popped into a cozy Mexican restaurant called Marcela’s on the last night. Great food (spicy!) and friendly service. All in all, it was the perfect trip…if maybe just a little too short. : )

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