Chiang Mai Once Again for Enjoying The Muay Thai Boxing

After visiting and touring the whole place I mean Chiang Mai. I become very tired. I need some entertaining place to rest and would like to have some drinks with light mile as well. So I was looking for a place near the Night Bazar where I can take a break and drink.

Luckily for me, as I found cool bars near the bazar. When I am entering into the bars the waiter said that I am lucky visitors as they are holding a Muay Thai boxing match today, at the bar. By hearing about the Muay Thai Boxing I become very curious to see its for myself. Because from one of my friends I had already heard about it. My friend had said that this boxing show is full of action packed battle where you can see the street fighting techniques.

I take a couple of drinks during the fighting events with hem-burger as I feel a little bit hungry. Anyway guy’s this show is so much crowd and this bars made the environments more enjoyable for us to enjoy the show. I really enjoy myself there. As the stunts and fighting action is very delightful to watch. It would be much better if you are a fan of boxing.

The match I saw here was very competitive. Both the players has played well and their performance makes the match more interesting. At the end of the match, my selected player lost which one I expect to win. Anyway, when the match finished the winner performed some stunts for us. I enjoyed these stunts the most.

If you yet to see the Thai Muay Boxing. Then you must try once and I think Chiang Mai will be the best option for you if you wanted to enjoy this event.

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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