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Filling the time of year-end holidays so feels when visiting the tourist attractions Sawarna Beach, Bayah, Lebak, Banten. Plan to visit in this place, I only need a day. Actually, between hearts and wallets fighting each other. Finally, be careful who wins, albeit with alakadarnya money-salary money that live a few dollars more for a month ahead. With ten comrades; two women and eight men. Finally we skied approximately at 10.00. We left Serang and then passed the alternate route-I forgot the street name. Usually the path used from Saketi, Pandeglang. The way we choose according to my friends is closer and more comfortable.

Just a quarter of the way, about our zuhur rain in Cikekes. The rain is quite heavy. We took shelter in the stall while warming our bodies with a cup of coffee and a few loaves of bread. Forced trip delayed approximately one hour. The rain began to subside, although still leaving drizzle, we continue the journey. Some use raincoats, some must be willing to wet. Along the way, we walked each. There are already far ahead, some are still left behind. Me and my friend, Rahmat, are in the middle order. Approximately one hour I did not find the figure of my friend, Andez, behind me. Moments later, he informed me that his motorcycle tire was leaking. I was forced to go back to look for Andez. There’s just one friend here. The other comrades may have shot far ahead. I told them to wait for us to finish the tires.

At around 17.00, we arrived at Sawarna. However, it is not right on the beach, but looking away from the hill. Enjoy the beautiful beauty of God’s creation. The humans down there look very small. Not long on the hill, we immediately drove to where the humans. With passion and curiosity we continued the journey. Back we passed the streets that made the hair go bumps. Past a pretty steep streets adrenaline. Finally, we arrived at this beautiful beach. Our motorcycle was parked under a tree, about a hundred yards from the shore. We can not wait to touch the Sawarna sea water. We hurried, ran to the shore.

Seeing the waves of this beach, me and my two friends so sanctified to bathe. Waves like this I have never seen in my place, Lontar, Kec. Pontang, Serang and Anyer Beach though. My two other friends-one of whom was a Bayah-went straight to the sea. To approach the waves. “Come on, no reason. Open your shirt! “She exclaimed. My friend and I immediately undress and fight with the waves are quite challenging it. I thought, what should I do when there is a tsunami here? Hit by the waves just like this my head is already dizzy seven round. Water comes in a few times in the ear. Ah, the shadow is only a glimpse, still me and my friends enjoy it. After bathing in the sea, we rinsed in fresh water flowing from the mountain. The sun is about to set, it seems that I have known enough to Sawarna sea today, tomorrow we will continue again.

We spent the night at Mas Amas house. The house is not far from Sawarna Beach, approximately 45 minutes ride motorcycle, even if speeding. We warmed up again with a cup of coffee and cigarettes. Change clothes, get ready for rest tonight. Collect energy for tomorrow. In fact, nobody can sleep. We stay up to plan any agenda that will be done tomorrow. After the morning prayers we were finally able to sleep.

The trip we did was actually a survey for campus activities (UKM Belistra) the next two months. We look for places that are fun and challenging. In previous years, we traveled to Baduy and Ujung Kulon. This year we are interested to explore the beautiful panorama of Bayah, Lebak. This morning the plan went to Cisungsang, to the customary chief’s house, to inquire about any culture in Lebak. Yes, the custom center Lebak said my friend was in Cisungsang. What’s the power, it looks like the weather is unfriendly. The rain came back down. We were just moving about three minutes to finally turn the vehicle. Back again at the residence of Mas Amas.

Today’s plans are diverted to cruise to Goa Lalai or Goa Lauk. This agenda should be done in the last day. In fact, nature has not yet granted. We also prepare everything that is needed to goa cave. Starting from food, camera, machetes, and flashlight. Said Mas Amas, the journey from his house to the cave is quite close, about an hour. It is true one hour. However, we have to face quite a few difficult hurdles. Plus the road is slippery because of the rain. Mosquitoes that do not want to stay away from the body, usually annoying. Our bodies are uncomfortable. However, the journey should still continue. It’s a hassle to invite spoiled women, one of them is my friend’s girl, let’s call it Ratna. He had trouble passing through the slippery ups and downs of the forest. Had several times fallen and always left behind. Andez is bothered enough to bring her. However, inevitably all must get to the destination that said Mas Amas soon to arrive. In the last derivative is quite steep eventually I and my friends to the door of Goa Lalai or Goa Lauk. This place is called Goa Lalai because in it many bats, while people call it again with Goa Lauk because in the puddle of water in this cave many fish are wandering. It’s up to you to say which. Both are the same. Before entering the cave, we posed in the mouth of the cave first.

Capture a rare moment. The snap-jepret here and there do not feel half an hour. Our stomachs are starting to rumble. We got into a cave that swam water the size of an adult puser. My body instantly shivered, no one else. We climbed into the cave with rock (mixed with mud) that was so slippery. One by one grabbed a friend who had reached above. Gratitude, everyone can ride safely. Above this cave we found a lot of graffiti on the roof of the rocks, it was very much a man who visited this place. In addition, there is still ashes of firewood. Some are still left intact. It’s a good fortune for us. Do not bother anymore looking for firewood. We immediately cooked the noodles we brought. Our stomach will not rumble again. Again we pose before going down from above this cave. jasa website cilegon

Day three we continue the journey to Cisungsang through an alternative way, ie up the mountains. This trip is amazing. We are at the top of the mountain hill and through the clouds even above the clouds. Of course the rain covered with fog accompanied us throughout our journey. Although the streets are so terrible, we have to keep walking. The sides of the road have collapsed. Make us always careful. However, the fear reappeared when we noticed a car crashing into the abyss. I think people stop at the edge just to rest, they see with their own eyes the car plunged. Fortunately I did not witness the tragedy directly. Ah, maybe the humans in the car it was time to be called the Almighty, so please, we can only say Innalillahi Wainnailahi Raajiuun.

Three hours and four hours we have traveled, thank God we arrived also in Cisungsang.Sejenak we rest in the customary chairman’s house – a house that is quite unique, like houses in Baduy-while waiting for the owner of the house which he said (secretary of the adat chairman) here (home). Cisungsang air is cool enough. We are not strong for long. It’s like to go home soon. When we were about to leave, we were told to eat first. He said we were all the way from Serang, cook not to be entertained. No matter, itung-itung sustenance. Charge the stomach so that it can go home with the fresh state fit. Apparently after our ash went farewell. Our return trip started.

Again accompanied by incessant rain that enveloped us. The trip this time doubled from the initial trip. It’s getting increasingly pursued the farther away our final spot (home). Several times the hole on the road to make the hair become more swayed. The head feels like it will break. Skin is already wrinkled. Until finally in Pandeglang we waved, our marker surrendered not to continue the journey to Serang. Our faces are pale. Want to throw up. It was already 22:00. Incredible trip. Starting at 10:00 to 22:00. That night, our last stop was to sleep at Mas Amas’ wife’s house in Pandeglang. Alhamdulillah our lives are saved. The next morning, our lives were recovered and able to return home safely.

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