City of Naga, Central Visayas, Philippines for Mountain Trekking and Mountain Trailing

I’ve already taken you to places outside of Cebu. Now, let me take you to one of the amazing adventures I had here.

Cebu is really amazing. If you are really in for adventure, there are a lot of amazing places or mountain peaks wherein you could go trekking and mountain bike trailing with your family or your closest friends. One of which is where I am taking you. This place is located in one of City of Naga’s mountain barangays. (For those who do not know what a barangay is, it is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines. It is the Filipino term for village, district or ward). This mountain peak is perhaps in the verge of gaining popularity in social media. This is no other than Mount Naupa, a mountain that is the 8th Tallest mountain in Central Visayas.

I went to this place for about 2 times already. First of which was when I went mountain trekking with my friends and the second time was when I went mountain trailing with my older brother.

Around 3PM in the afternoon of April 4, 2016, my friends and I decided to meet in Lolo Tinong’s Bakery in Tungkop, Minglanilla, Cebu. From there, we rode a “habal-habal” (a Bisaya term for motorcycle), going to Barangay Cogon Chapel where all the trekking begins. Every moment we had was very fun knowing that you are with your friends while doing a very amazing adventure. Upon arriving in the mountain, we had to do the obligatory groufie and selfie for documentation purposes LOL.

The second time I went here, was when I was with my brother to do some mountain trailing with our mountain bikes. Mountain trailing was really challenging since it was my very first time riding a mountain bike HAHAHAHA. Well, at first I was still afraid of riding mountain bike while in the highway but then later on I was able to cope up with it and we were already harmonious with the bike. The challenging part is when we were already at the foot of the mountain where all of the strength needs to be exerted on. But when I was already halfway, I just walked together with my mountain bike since I won’t really force myself if I really can’t do it.

Mount Naupa was indeed very amazing. The breathtaking view of nature takes out your depression once you will arrive in that area. What are you waiting for? Leggo to Mount Naupa!

Insider Tip

City of Naga was known by the old folks as a place where a lot of mythical creatures exist.

Where I stayed / started

Mount Naupa

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