City of Naga, Central Visayas, Philippines for Tuslob Buwa Experience (Pig's Brain)

TUSLOB BUWA – What is it and how does it really taste like?

Before I would really tell you my experience in this Visayan food, allow me first to tell you where I really tasted this one. So I tasted this one in City of Naga, Cebu but then this food is known in the city. A lot of restaurants in the city are having this one as a part of their menu. There is a certain stall in Baywalk, City of Naga, Cebu that sells this one for only 85 pesos and has already the inclusion of 8 pieces of “puso” (this is rice that is wrapped in coconut leaves, usually comes in a shape of a diamond).

Tuslob Buwa is a Visayan food that originated in Pasil, Cebu. It is known to be a favorite food for most of the people in that place, which eventually came to be a widespread in the city. “Tuslob” is a Bisaya word for dip and “buwa” is a Bisaya word for bubbles. So idea of Tuslob Buwa is that you’ll be dipping the puso in the boiling soup.

Now one of the amusing things about tuslob buwa is that you get to cook it for your own. You are given the ingredients and the stuffs that you need to use for cooking and then there, you cook it for your own. The ingredients of this one are: (1) Crushed pig brain, usually comes in a soup (2) pig liver (3) oil (4) onions (5) soy sauce. First step is to let the oil be heated in the pan. After heating the oil, place the onions and the pig liver. If the pig liver seems to be already half-cooked, start placing the crushed pig brain. Just continue on stirring until it will already start to boil. If it’s already boiled, then you can already place soy sauce and mix it all together. Then you can already dip the “puso” in the bubbles. It’s really cool and fun. The place is nearby the sea, so the sea breeze is so nice that it would really give you complete relaxation while eating at the same time, LOL.

I never regret the taste of this food, especially that I made this one on my own. You do not only satisfy your tummy, but your taste buds as well. Don’t just think of it as a pig’s brain, because once you’ve tasted it, you will eventually forget you are eating a pig’s brain.

This is another Visayan food that attracts most of the tourist to taste it and another experience to be proud of!

Insider Tip

If you go to the Philippines, you should try Tuslob Buwa!

Where I stayed / started

Baywalk Naga

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