Colchester, United Kingdom for Blur, Kinski and In-laws

So Colchester might not be the hottest tourist attraction in the UK, but I found it to be a lovely place nonetheless. We went there to visit my boyfriend’s family, so we took the opportunity to do some exploring as well. And in the meantime, I found out a lot of interesting facts about Colchester I had no idea about before. Like for example, a good chunk of Blur are from Colchester. And that Klaus Kinski, of all people, was held in Cochester as a prisoner of war during WW2. Anyway, during our visit we went to check out the Colchester Castle, where we saw interesting items from the town’s Roman and Norman heritage, and the castle’s surrounding park, which was very charming. We also went around a couple of cafe’s in the town’s central area and I found the relaxed atmosphere of Colchester to be a welcome refreshment after all of London’s hustle and bustle, which I’m not always so fond of. The family took us out for a hearty meal in a local restaurant and we definitely recharged our batteries for the return to London life.

Where I stayed / started

Family place near Colchester Garrison

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