Colwyn Bay, United Kingdom for Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the fifth of November? Well, I do – I spent mine observing the age-old British tradition of lighting fireworks in commemoration of the failed Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes – these days more widely known as a character on a face mask.

I joined in on the government-defying fun in Colwyn Bay, a decent-sized town on the coast of North Wales, since that’s where my boyfriend’s family is from. All the townsfolk gathered in the nearby park/field and some point in the night, the fireworks bonanza commenced. As I come from a country that’s, I guess, not that into festivities, the fireworks that were shooting against the vast Irish sea in the background was one truly astounding sight. After that little colorful treat, we explored the stands that offered various food and beverages, among them my personal favorite, Welsh-made Brains stout.

Where I stayed / started

Old Colwyn

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