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Why apply?

The travel discovery process is deeply fragmented and unreliable. There is no platform offering a simple, condensed way to view the true experiences of those on local – and global – excursions, and to actively engage through comments, social media sharing, and adding your own adventure to the mix.
We know what you’re thinking: “Umm, isn’t that what Yelp is for?” Our answer: nope. We love Yelp, Tripadvisor, etc. for their curation of millions of helpful reviews, but that’s not what Jrrny is meant to accomplish. Neglecting the traditional star-based, ‘pro/con’ review format, we’re shaking up the game of travel discovery by creating a travel journal for the masses, complete with user-generated experiential content, as well as well-formed, clickable editorials.

Partnering with our team of local experts, you’ll have the chance to help revolutionize the way people sniff out desirable travel experiences.


Bonus points: build your resume, become a published writer for a growing online publication, and earn a little cash while you’re at it.


Whether you’re looking to pen one piece or establish yourself as a travel writing guru, the opportunities are endless.


Do I need to be an established writer to submit my app?

Published work certainly doesn’t hurt, but we’re really on the lookout for a great voice: pizazz, proper grammar, knowledgeability, and a can-do attitude. We do, however, need our contributors to have established pull in the social world. If you have a website, it should have at least 30k visitors per month. Social platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) should garner over 5k followers. Although we love to see someone who is socially engaged across the board, you do not need to be a superstar in all three platforms. One will do!


Do I get to pick my subjects?

Sort of. We create monthly content calendars, taking the needs of our clients and sponsors, as well as trending topics, into consideration. We compile lists of potential relevant ideas and send them to our influencers, who pick through and select subjects about which they are passionate and have a great deal of knowledge.


How would the writing look anyway?

Our contributors should be able to enhance and extend the voice of jrrny by writing intelligently, in a way that will get people jazzed about planning their own adventure. In short, you should know the locations you’re covering like the back of your hand so that you can provide super-local-type insight to our users in a quirky and entertaining way.

What you get:

  • Collaboration with a professional editor to review your work*
  • Access to our network of local retailers and travel experts around the world
  • Published work in a growing travel publication
  • Special Badge on your profile and more exposure in our community (Which receives around 200k visits per month, by the way!)
  • A built-in community of travel lovers, all at the ready to engage with your content and share it with the world
  • Money**

*We’ll never, ever alter your experience. We’re just a little neurotic about sentence structure and spelling.

**Pay varies by article, advertiser, etc., but we’ll always make sure you are rewarded for your stellar efforts.

How it works


Tell Us About Yourself. Follow the link below to apply to be a jrrny influencer. Fill out all of the necessary fields and remember, the more you share with us on your application, the better we’ll be able to feel your vibe and assess your qualification.


Sit Back & Relax. A member of our editorial team will review your application and get back to you within 3 business days. They’ll provide feedback, ask some more questions if necessary, and provide potential next steps.


Moving Forward. If your application is accepted, one of our editors will set you up with login credentials for the site and directions for content contribution. Then – and this is the really important part – you sign up for our mailing list. We’ll notify you via email with potential articles, you snap them up, you write them, and – boom – you make some money and become a jrrny influencer!

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