Copenhagen, Denmark for a Day at the Park

I found a beautiful park while living in Denmark awhile back called Christianshavns Volde. (I usually just called it Chris because what a mouthful.) It’s a huge park with a lot of open green space and a walking path. It borders a canal as well as a self-built, semi-autonomous community called Freetown Christiania. (Yeah, welcome to Denmark!)

I was a freelancing writer back then, so I was able to make a habit out of taking my dog – an Australian Shepherd named Doll – some work materials, and a small lunch out there so that she could get exercise while I worked. It was really nice on sunnier days, but also pretty magical in the winter when the whole park was covered in snow. (Although Doll was not as sure about the white stuff at first.) It’s a pretty popular spot, but never feels particularly crowded due to its size.

Where I stayed / started

Christianshavns Volde

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