Copenhagen, Denmark for Non-Profit Cafe, Cafe Retro

Cafe Retro is best value place of Copenhagen that serves a worthy cause. I love to explore new cafes and restaurants, and came to know about this awesome place with a beautiful cause from a friend of mine. This is a non-profit cafe with chilled atmosphere, full relaxing environment, affordable rates, super friendly staff, and great music. This cafe is best suited for students, as it’s a great place to hang out, chill, and enjoy cheap food while chipping in a great cause. Other than that, you can do some university stuff in this soothing atmosphere.

Cafe Retro is a great place to meet new people, and get to know about new things. Everyone seems to know each other. Either you can spend your evening alone or simply join nearby group of people, all up to you, you’re gonna enjoy- for sure. Specially for the foreign students, this place is a must visit to interact with people and exchange life experiences. They offer free wifi, board games, and incredibly comfortable seating arrangement, with great architecture and lots of positive vibes all around. Cafe arrange different sort of exhibitions and musical nights, which are really very popular and exciting. This is the best place I’ve visited in Copenhagen.
If you are travelling to Copenhagen, do visit this place for a warm, cozy, friendly and tranquil experience. This is a Great place and I am definitely going there again….. and again. Just amazing experience.


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