Copenhagen, Denmark for Shopping at Paper Collective

I’m all about art shopping. My walls are way too full of pieces that I’ve either put together myself or picked up in my hometown or travels. If I ever decide to move, it’ll be quite a pain packing them all up. I’ve committed to putting on the brakes a little bit with the art purchases when I travel, but I was eager to put that commitment on hold while recently in Copenhagen. Because…Paper Collective.

The justification: they print everything on eco friendly paper, and 10% of the profit for every piece goes to a charity of the artist’s choosing. So obviously I had to buy something. It’s good for the world, OKAY?

PC finds graphic designers, creative agencies, artists, illustrators – you name it – to produce collections of super-minimalist, Scandinavian poster designs, which are printed on earth-friendly paper, right there in Denmark. I did exercise *some* restraint in that I only purchased one poster while I was there. It’s called Salut 01, by Mariken Steen, and my purchase supported cancer research. : )

Photo: Paper Collective

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