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Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina for Medical Research & Sightseeing

Our sweet host family was La Flia. Biassi. The mom’s name is Laura y the dad’s name is Daniel. They have a cute little 3 year old girl named Victoria. She is so sweet, and was constantly giving her mom and dad little besitos.

We first went to the most packed art festival. There were so many vendors, and we had the most delicious Dulce de Leche cake. I love, love, love Dulce de Leche. Its a traditional argentine sweet, and is basically a creamier, more delicious version of caramel. They have art festivals like this almost every night in Cordoba, but every festival has a different theme. The locals call them “paseo de los hippies” because they think anyone who goes, or who sells at the festival are hippies!

Ryan and I walked over to Nueva Cordoba from Al Centro Historico, and decided we love Nueva Cordoba. It’s a newer part of Cordoba (hence the name) and it has tons of museums (which are all free on Wednesdays, thanks Argentina!) and it also has the University, the prettiest parks, and tons of shopping. We also love the Guemes district for great nightlife, restaurants and fun rooftop bars.

Cordoba is a wonderful and historical city, because of the University there are a lot of shops & restaurants catering to young students. It also is a very family friendly town. It’s easy to walk the entire city of Cordoba which is great for navigating. The city is broken up into different districts based on the area, so there is a historic district, a student district, etc, etc. We loved our time in Cordoba, it’s a great city to visit.

From Cordoba we went on many excursions to nearby valley towns and villages. They definitely had some of the most authentic and native foods, and shops we found! Also, beautiful scenery and fun mountain hikes and activities.

Insider Tip

We hiked “Quebrada de Los Condoritos” a 13 mile/ 20km hike through a national park. The hike is north of Cordoba by about 2 hours, and was recommended to us by many locals. Although it’s a long hike, it’s not a very steep incline and the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. One of my all time favorite hikes that I’ve ever done. Definitely a must if you are in the area!

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