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Costa Mesa, CA, United States for the Orange County Fair!

Summer = fairs. 

Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of summer. Especially when it gets into the 100’s in temperature, I would go as far as to say I hate summer. But summer also means county fairs and I do love that. 

Last year, I attended the Orange County Fair for the first time and had such a blast, I had to go back again this year. It runs until mid-August so if you’re reading this and in the area, you still have a chance to go! Of course if you live in the greater Southern California area, you can go to the LA County Fair as well starting September. 

One of my favorite things about the fair is the food. How ridiculous is my photo of the deep-fried cheesecake on a stick?! I forced myself to eat 1/3 of it and felt sick for a while after. I also got a giant chicken kabob which was a lot more manageable! They have deep-fried everything; oreos, bacon, ice cream, you name it, it’s probably at the fair. 

Games are also such a fun part of the fair. Not to toot my own horn but I own the squirt-target games. As you can see in the photos, I won some good-sized stuffed animals to take home! The tickets are pricey though so be aware that you’ll be spending quite a bit of money at the fair. 

I highly recommend it whether you have children or you’re just a child at heart! I’l be at the LA County Fair as well, can’t wait! 

For my OC Fair experience last year, click here and you’ll get directed to my blog

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Several parking buildings in the area offer free parking w/ a shuttle – save some $$!

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