Cres, Croatia for Beautiful Beaches, Lakes and Forests

One of the more northern islands on the Croatian coast, Cres is absolutely beautiful both in nature and its rustic Mediterranean atmosphere. We got there by taking a bus from Zagreb to the island of Krk (connected via land), then a short ferry ride to the island itself. Cres has significant historical ties with Italy, and you’ll soon notice that not only does a good chunk of fellow tourists are Italian, but also that the inhabitants of Cres (especially older ones) will have no problem communication with you in Italian, should you wish to do so.

Anyway, we stayed in the village of Beli, a quiet spot that still has everything you need for you vacation. Our hosts were very welcoming and quickly explained to us the things we should see and do. As Cres is known for its amazing beaches, we decided to dedicate a couple of days to explore them. Among them were the two beaches near the little village of Valun – both had crystal clear water and beautiful pine forests providing much needed shade after walking around in the sun. They were also well equipped with bars, restaurants and shops, so spending and entire day here was no problem at all. Probably the most amazing beach on Cres was St. Ivan beach, which is hard to get to, but that makes it worth your while, since it’s so secluded and peaceful. The nature around it remained unspoiled, making the experience of spending a day on this beach truly wonderful. During the last couple of days of our trip, we paid a visit to the majestic Vransko lake and Tramuntana forest.

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