Crescent City, CA for Redwood National Park

My family didn’t go on a lot of trips when I was a kid. We went camping once, and to Disneyland/Disney World a couple of times, but it wasn’t a big part of my childhood. One thing I will always remember, though, was our family roadtrip from Vancouver, WA to Yosemite, CA. My little sister was only two years old (apparently my parents are superheroes), and I was only seven.

We left at the crack of dawn and drove straight through, with just a few bathroom and snack stops along the way. We made it to the lodge in Yosemite pretty late at night, and promptly passed out. We spent a few days there, and then started making our way back.

We took a lot more time for our return trip, staying in hotels here and there a couple of times. We were a little ways out of Oregon when my mom realized that it wouldn’t be a terrible detour to go check out the famous California redwoods, so we did. It…was…awe inspiring. Even my baby sister was speechless the whole time. The sheer magnitude of the trees was overwhelming. All of the other visitors must have felt the same way we did, because it was really peaceful. That was where I first learned that we have the ability to estimate the age of a tree by the number of rings on the inside of the trunk. (Thanks dad!) I definitely encourage the little trip over there for anyone who might be passing by.

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