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Curacao for 9 Reasons You’ll Love Curacao in The Summertime

Let us introduce you to Curacao, the “C” of the Caribbean ABC islands. Smack dab between Aruba and Bonaire, and less than 40 miles north of South America, Curacao is an island paradise waiting to make your summer vacation dreams come true. Summertime is one of the best times to visit the island, and here are nine reasons why!


For One of the Best Caribbean Vacations – Visit Curacao in The Summer

1. Color Explosion!

If you’ve ever seen a photo of Curacao, it’s likely you’ve seen the bright, cheerful, buildings that mark Curacao’s historic Pietermaai District. Fondly referred to as the “SoHo” of Curacao, Pietermaai is a place of spectacular color, architecture, boutique shops, cozy cafes, and chic restaurants. There’s much to entertain in Pietermaai, but it’s likely you’ll spend a while just staring at the beautiful colors.

Getaway to Curacao for a Summer Vacation in Paradise!

2. Stunning Shades of Turquoise

best caribbean vacationsThe sea surrounding Curacao is so vibrantly beautiful, looking at it makes you feel as though you’ve stumbled upon a pool of gems. Add in the sparkling summer sunshine raining down on the water, and the aesthetic is just breathtaking.

3. All Sunshine and Zero Rain

Generally speaking, Curacao is a fairly dry Caribbean island, experiencing very little annual rain. It does rain though, some years more than others, but if you visit during the summer months you can expect sunshine and blue skies all day, every day! The rainy season is October – February.

4. Temperatures You’ll Want to Float In

How would you like to immerse yourself in the brilliant blue hues of the Caribbean sea? Not only does it look incredible, but it feels magnificent! The average summer water temperature is around 79-81 degrees Fahrenheit! With such cozy water temperatures, you can delightfully:

  • Swim
  • Float
  • SUP
  • SUP Yoga
  • Snorkel
  • Scuba Dive
  • Kayak
  • … and much more!

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5. Visibility For Days

travel to curacaoSummer in Curacao means incredible underwater visibility. Whether you want to scuba dive to the brilliant coral reefs, snorkel around with the fish, or just swim around, there’s no limit to what you’ll be able to see! Curacao is an incredible diving destination, with over 65 sites, lots of coral reefs, beautiful fish, and fantastic visibility!

6. Eclectic, Cultural Blended Cuisine

Curacao has had many different cultural influences over the course of its colorful history, which has led to the unique cuisine offerings of today. The main influences are Dutch, Venezuelan, Afro-Caribbean, Portuguese, Spanish, and many other Caribbean influences. From the iconic Dutch Bitterballen (deep fried meaty balls eaten alongside beer!) to goat stew, there are so many unique dishes and delicacies to try!

7. Carefree Caribbean Vibe

Perhaps the best reason to love Curacao is the summertime is because of the island-wide carefree vibe. Longer days, more sunshine, warmer water temperatures, and an increase in vacationers combine to enhance the carefree Caribbean vibe that. Curacao is pretty laid-back year round, but we all agree summertime is blissful.

8. All The Summer Fun, None of The Summer Crowds

Summertime brings more visitors and vacationers to the island, but because Curacao flies under the major Caribbean tourist radar, the island remains calm. You won’t have to share that picture-perfect beach with hundreds of other people. There will be ample chaise lounge chairs for you to relax upon. Curacao is paradise, but it’s never been an island to flaunt. You’ll be able to have a truly authentic Caribbean island experience!

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9. Oh, and There Are Iguanas All Over!

best caribbean vacationsCuracao is not only home to very friendly people, but it’s also home to tons of iguanas! Iguanas which range from small to fairly large. You may just stumble across one or two throughout your stay. They make for very exciting selfie buddies.  


Ready to book your Curacao summer vacation? We hope so! Seriously, Curacao will be the vacation of a lifetime, and we hope we get the chance to share our island paradise with you. We cordially invite you to visit and stay with us here at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. Our 2,000-acre resort sits on its own private seaside property, features a private beach, a few pools, a few restaurants, a serene spa, miles of trails for hiking or biking, and so much more. Wake up in paradise, spend your days going on island adventures or relaxing poolside, however you want to enjoy Curacao, we’ll make sure you have the perfect vacation!

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