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Curacao for Not Every Beautiful Destination is Romantic, But Here Are 10 Reasons Why Curacao Is

How do you narrow down the search for the perfect romantic getaway destination? It isn’t as though our incredible planet is lacking in picturesque places to visit. Beauty and adventure are to be had all over the globe!


Beautiful doesn’t equal romantic. It’s important to know this before you start planning your romantic getaway. What we mean is, beautiful isn’t the whole story, and sometimes some of the most beautiful places can turn out to be the least romantic, for example:

  • Beautiful and remote = long travel time. Potentially multiple modes of transport – i.e. plane, boat, hiking.
  • Beautiful and popular = crowded. Few things speak to the death of romance as hordes of toddlers running around, college-age partiers, and thousands of selfie-sticks.
  • Beautiful and swanky = expensive. If expensive is your budget then this won’t be a concern. Just keep in mind that a multi-page spread in Conde Nast means more $$. Money stress is the opposite of romantic!

Those are just a few examples of why a beautiful destination doesn’t always equal a romantic destination. Knowing what to look for to avoid certain destinations will help narrow down your search. With so much beauty to choose from, it’s helpful to have narrow down methods.

Escape to Curacao for a Romantic Retreat Along the Shores of the Caribbean Sea

Want Romance? Travel to Curacao

If the Caribbean pops up on your romantic getaway destination radar, as it’s likely to do, we can help narrow down your search even further, but proposing the perfect island to jet off to for a romantic getaway – Curacao! No suspense needed, here are our 10 reasons why you should plan a romantic getaway to Curacao.

travel to curacao1. Trade in a Tropical Island For a Desert Island

Unbeknownst to many, Curacao isn’t a tropical island, it’s a desert island. What does that mean? It means Curacao has all the beauty and less of the bugs, rain and hurricanes. 

2. Enticing, Turquoise Water

You know those pictures of beautiful beaches alongside a sea filled with incredible hues of blues? That’s Curacao. Curacao’s sparkling seas will leave you feeling inspired, amazed, and more in love! Gaze into each other’s eyes as float, swim, and snorkel in the blue.

3. It’s a Cultural Hub

Over the course of its history, Curacao has played host to many different nations. From the original Arawak people to the Spanish, Portuguese, Jewish refugees, the British, the French, and finally the Dutch, it’s safe to say Curacao has a fantastically unique blend of cultural influences. You can experience the faceted and mixed culture through the island cuisine, it’s museums and the kindhearted people.

4. Incredible, Not-Crowded Beaches

Unlike Jamaica or St. Thomas, for example, Curacao remains under the “most popular Caribbean islands” radar. This means that you’ll still have the classic, super-relaxing laid-back Caribbean island experience, but without the intense crowds. It’s actually quite possible to have a beach all to yourselves, especially if you know where to go. Take all the romantic sunset strolls and go on all the romantic beach picnics, undisturbed.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortSanta Barbara Beach & Golf Resort5. It’s a Lesser Known Destination

As mentioned above, Curacao isn’t as well-known among Caribbean vacationers, which has allowed it to remain Curacao! Without having to deal with crowds and tourist gimmicks, you’ll be able to have an authentic experience. You won’t be bothered by people selling trinkets on the beach, nor will you have to pay an exorbitant amount at the restaurants or shops just because everyone knows you’re coming. Curacao is a blissful paradise that, thankfully, remains un-famous.

6. Equal Parts Land and Sea

Perhaps one of your prefers water activities while the other prefers land. If this is the case, we can happily assure you that Curacao features just as many land adventures and sights, as it does on/in the sea. Mountain biking, hiking, skydiving, shopping, dining, touring, and more all await on the dry side. Bond together and relax together, win-win.

7. Options For All Budgets

One of our favorite aspects of Curacao is its wide budget range. Whether you’re looking for a romantic cabana on the beach, a luxurious modern hotel room, or a quirky private hostel room for two, Curacao’s got it all. No need to let money concerns take away from the romance.

8. You Can Visit Year-Round

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortRemember we said little to no rain? It’s true, Curacao is not a wet island, and rarely experiences hurricanes (since it’s under the hurricane belt). This means, nearly any month out of the year is ideal for your romantic getaway. Not only is it challenging to decide upon a romantic getaway destination, but then, normally, you have to factor in when is a good time to go. Not on Curacao! Come visit anytime!

9. Equal Parts Relaxation and Adventure

Dreaming of doing nothing but laying on the beach and drinking Curacao liqueur poolside? Perfect. Ready to spend a day scuba diving or exploring Klein Curacao? Perfect. You can relax the entire time, adventure the entire time, or enjoy a blend of both.

10. It’s Beautiful + Romantic

Circling back to our initial considerations on destinations that are beautiful and… Curacao is beautiful and romantic. It isn’t overcrowded, filled with bugs, overly expensive, or too remote. It’s just remote enough, warm enough, dry enough, and idyllic enough to be an all-around romantic destination. The two of you will make endless memories and return home feeling refreshed, yet ready to plan a return trip!


Have we convinced you? Good! As you begin to plan your trip, consider staying at the utterly serene and exciting Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. Santa Barbara features all of the best aspects of island life within its expansive 2,000 ocean-front acres. While staying at the resort, you won’t need to worry about a thing, and you can utilize the highly knowledgeable team for any planning questions or needs.

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Let the staff know ahead of time if you are celebrating something special so they can help make it memorible.

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