Curacao, Venezuela for a Winter Visit to Paradise (and One Really Great Jazz Cafe)

Tired of the rain and gloom in our hometown, my husband and I decided to plan a January trip to Curacao. We had stockpiled some savings for a rainy day (pun intended) and were excited to have an opportunity to take a little vacation. We decided on Curacao, and we stayed at the San Marco Hotel, which is also a casino. We’re not big gamblers, but it was pretty inexpensive, and the location was great.

The moment we walked out of the airport, we looked at each other with a sigh of relief. It was evening, and still had to have been 70-something degrees. Perfect! We didn’t do much that night. We arrived to the hotel and pretty much crawled right into bed. The next morning, we took our time getting up and ready, then went on a walk to find some coffee. The remainder of our walking adventure was beautiful – sunny, temperate, and all of the roads were lined with Easter egg-colored buildings. We perused through a couple of museums, and then walked back to our hotel. We couldn’t wait to get to those soft, sandy beaches, so we made that our next adventure. Time doesn’t even seem to exist out there, next to the jewel-blue sea. We must have spent close to four hours there before we decided to take a walk to the market for some food.

We spent the rest of the day in leisure, talking to some of the locals and getting plenty of ideas about what to do with the next several days. As evening fell, we were looking for a nice bar to have some wine and light bites, and we ran onto Miles – a local jazz cafe, just a 10 minute walk from the hotel. I wish that I could have taken this place home with me. It had the casual, rustic vibes we love to find in bars back home, plus live jazz and a bustling atmosphere. My husband and I ordered wine (a cabernet and rose, respectively) and a snack, and even got to dance a little. Miles is still one of my favorite bars!

Where I stayed / started

San Marco Hotel & Casino

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