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Curacao, Venezuela for Do You Travel to Eat? The Island of Curacao Should be Your Next Destination

Some folks travel to explore new landscapes, others to lay out on a tropical beach, and for a great many of us – the cuisine! For all the foodie travelers out there, let us recommend a destination that is a hidden foodie gem. A destination that features a treasure trove of cuisine flavors and influences. Any guesses?

The Caribbean island of Curacao.

Located in the southern Caribbean and the “C” of the ABC islands, Curacao has had a long and colorful history of different nations and cultures ruling and/or existing within its borders. Which has, ultimately, led to the unique medley of Curacao cuisine that we know and love today.

There are many reasons to visit Curacao, idyllic beaches, a colorful culture, ideal weather, vacation, so on and so forth. Yet, the cuisine alone makes the trip well worth it! So really, visiting Curacao is a win-win all around, visit for the food and then also enjoy the beaches and relaxation, or visit for vacation and enjoy all of the delicious cuisines!

Food in Curacao

Background on Curacao Cuisine

Curacao is a constituent country of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, so much of its culinary influences come from the Dutch. As mentioned, Curacao has had a long and diverse history, which has resulted in culinary influences from Africa, Spain, and Portugal. A fun, lesser known fact is that in the mid-17th century many Jews fled Portugal, and other parts of Europe, to settle on Curacao, and have also influenced the Curacaoan cuisine.

Intrigued? Ready to jet down to Curacao and try out all the cuisine?

You’re Guaranteed to Find Something to Satisfy Your Palate

If so, take a peek at our foodie guide below. A guide to help you find the best restaurants and culinary exploits on your trip:

Gouverneur de Rouville

A colorful building in the traditional Dutch style, located on the beautiful waterfront at Otrobanda, Gouverneur de Rouville offers a lovely ambiance and delicious cuisine. A great place to try Curacao’s most iconic and popular dish – Keshi Yena.

Iguana Café

Specializing in all of Curacao’s grilled delights, Iguana Cafe is the perfect place for a Sunday lunch. Unbeatable views of the famous bridge, great for people watching, and the perfect spot to refuel after shopping and exploring Punda. Try the red snapper or lionfish!

Marshe Bieu – Old Market

For the foodies who desire not just authentic food, but a local authentic experience, then you’ll want to visit the Marshe Bieu or the Old Market. Every day around noon, Curacaoans line up to order delicious eats from seven plus food stalls. After ordering, you can go sit at one of the communal tables, alongside visitors and locals alike – but mostly locals! Order the Kabritu – stewed goat in a brown sauce, or a delicious stoba, which means stew, of which there are many kinds.


Another true and authentic cuisine experience can be had at Equus, a small, intimate restaurant only open on Fridays. The menu solely consists of freshly grilled skewers with bread as the only side. The menu is simple but the flavors are immense!

Piri Piri

Curacao lies merely 40 miles north of South America and features many of the continent’s diverse flavor influences. Piri Piri is an excellent restaurant to try for a blend of Caribbean and Argentinian flavors, being that it’s an Argentinian restaurant! A must try is the famous grilled chicken and the suckling pig – which is only made occasionally.


Authentic Caribbean fine dining located at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. The head chef at Shore is Heinrich Hortencia, a Curacao native, and chef extraordinaire. At Shore, you can expect to taste the flavors of Curacao from the perspective of a well-traveled and experimental chef. You’ll also be treated to spectacular views of the glittering sea.

Is your mouth watering just yet? Curacao is a true gem when it comes to cuisine, and there’s no vacation long enough for one to try every single restaurant, food truck, BBQ, and market Curacao has to offer. The good news? You can keep coming back time and again!

For your luxury accommodation needs while visiting the island, book your stay at the serene Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. Situated on the southeast coast of Curacao and expanding 2,000 acres, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is a slice of paradise where you can experience the vacation of a lifetime.

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