Daegu, South Korea for Palgong Mountain and Arts Area

It’s pretty simple to get to Daegu if you live in Busan, just hop on a bus or a train and you should be there in an hour or two. Even though often overlook in favor of Seoul or Busan, Daegu is also quite big an well worth visiting.

One of the most interesting things about Daegu is the Palgongsan, a mountain rising just outside of the city. There are several hiking trails to get to the peak (about 1 mile above sea level), and the mountain itself is full of important religious and historical sights, such as the Donghwasa temple or the Gatbawi stone. Once we were done exploring this glorious mountain, we used up the rest of the weekend to explore downtown Daegu. Among other things, we got to see the traditional Seomun market and the vast downtown area of Dongseongo, which is safe to say almost on par with some parts of Seoul based on its offer and overall activity. Lots of interesting shops, bars and cafes found on every corner! My personal favorite was the Bongsan Culture Street that was full of gorgeous galleries and amazing art supplies stores. We spent the evening roaming around the vibrant are of Kyungpook University, where all the young and hip people seem to hang out and finished of the night with some tasty samgyeopsal (Korean barbeque). Next morning, it was back to ol’ Busan!

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Friend's place in Jung-gu

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