Dallas, TX, United States for Tietze Park of Dallas Texas

This is a great park right in the city of Dallas, Texas I visited on my trip to Dallas. The park is very well kept and actually won the Dallas Preservation Award in 2009. The area is very peaceful and the park always has a good amount of people enjoying its features. There are great shaded areas to sit, benches and picnic tables for having lunch or a get together, and beautiful landscape to enjoy while you spend time there. They also have free wifi so I was able to take care of some emails for work and enjoy the outdoors as well. The park defiantly was smart by providing the wifi because you can tell a lot of people were there to work on their computers and be outside when the weather is nice. They have some good places to grab lunch around the area too. I recommend having a lunch date with a friend at this place sometime soon. It is a very pleasant place to spend an afternoon with good weather.

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