Dawson City, YT, Canada for Tombstone Territorial Park

Dawson City is a town in Yukon, Canada. Just 165 miles south of the Arctic Circle, the city was the center of the Klondike Gold Rush which began in 1896 and changed the First Nations camp into a thriving city of 40,000 by 1898. Today the Dawson city is a fantastically well-preserved monument to the Wild (North) West and home of only 1 300 people.
However, the Dawson City is a place full of history which is worth visiting. During my trip North I passed by the town as I was recommended before by a friend of mine who spent a week there. At first,I was quite pessimistic but after a short brake there, this place is in my top 10 places to go back someday.
When you are in Dawson City there is no chance to miss Tombstone Territorial Park. This park is amazing at any time of year no matter what you do – go hiking, snowshoeing or just enjoy the wilderness. The best thing ( in my opinion) is the lack of any type of communication which definitely send you back into the wild. The nature with all the mountains around is one of the best I have ever seen in the world and the fact that there are not so many visitors in the park, make this place even more mysterious and attractive. I visited Tombstone Territorial Park in the autumn (in September)and I think this is the best part of the year to go there. The fall colours are amazing – golds, pinks, reds with snow capped mountains as a backdrop – stunning! I arrived in the morning, just when the sun was coming over the park. The view was just breathtaking, the air was crispy and fresh, quiet all around … just the perfect start of the day. However, to enjoy the view you would probably consider the Dempster Highway. It is a gravel road which can be a bit rough, but well worth travelling. Visiting Tombstone Territorial Park was definitely one of the highlights of my Yukon trip.

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