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Dayton, OR, United States for Summer Escape

With the Summer season in full swing, we were determined to find a place that could offer us all of the amenities necessary for a classic summer vacation. We were day dreaming of camping, BBQing, swimming, wine-tasting, and of course drinking from our uKegs. The search lead us straight to the heart of Oregon Wine country to The Vintages Trailer Resort!  

Immediately upon arrival, the sign from the road sets the mood. It’s a true testament to the resorts desire to take you back in time while still offering modern amenities for your 21st Century life. As you pull in and see the trailers for your first time, you can’t help but be excited to get into your home for the night! The check-in takes place inside their general store which is fully stocked with craft beers, local wines, and every accessory you could ever need from wine glasses to towels for the pool!   

This place truly has it all! 

Although luxurious, we filled our camping desires by staying in one of their immaculate trailers; There was even a grill, with all the utensils included, for grilling and BBQing to get our summer time fix. Wine tasting was close by in every direction and we were able to enjoy our fresh craft beer from our uKeg in peace on our patio after hitting the pool. This was the one place that could fulfill everything we were looking for while still being close enough to home.  

The Vintages Trailer Resort is a truly unique experience for friends, family, couples, or people looking to escape on their own. 

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The Vintages Trailer Resort

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