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Delhi, Agra, India for When & Where to Go in India 2019 – A Complete Guide

The India we know is an embodiment of blissful beauty, blending in exotic locales with zealous cultures and overwhelming traditions, as misty rainforests, golden beaches, and frost mountain peaks come together to make India incredible. The bubbling diversity embraced by India, don’t just tell tales of divergent cultures and their way of life, but also of the landscape scenery that inculcates the best of mountains, beaches, flora-faunas, and metropolitans, crafting an unforgettable experience, especially for first-timers planning on exploring the phenomenal tourist destinations of India.

However, before you find yourself in the bustling streets of India, visiting the right place at the wrong time, check out our comprehensive account of which destinations are topping charts and when to visit them.

Winter thrills in January

The winter months in India, precisely November to February is deemed ideal for tourists wanting to escape the sizzling misty heat of India and if you have a knack for snow angels and snowball fights, Himachal is the place to be. Himachal Pradesh in the north of India is where the Himalayas weave fairytales with shimmering white snowy mountains glistening against the morning sun. Housing the infamous Dalai Lama and his principals, the entire state has a Tibetan aura in the air with countless monasteries peeping amidst the heavenly scenic beauty of gurgling streams frothing down from looming mountains. On the other hand, places like Jaipur, Udaipur, Varanasi, Chilika Lake stretched across India too offers a wholesome view of traditional India in all its glory. If you’re lucky enough, you can catch a glimpse of Indian culture brimming up against the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi on 14th of January, celebrating with their religious festival Makar Sankranti with pomp and grandeur.

Lovely February

Love is in the air all around India as the shortest month in the whole year comes packed with wonderful weather than announces the onset of summer as we bid farewell to chilly evenings and foggy mornings. Places like Jaisalmer, Nasik, Assam, and Gulmarg are at their best during this time of the month, serenely projecting the ravishing beauty of the changing seasons through mild chills and sun-kissed days. This is probably the best time for you to pack your bags and set off for Taj Mahal Tour from Delhi. With the weather serenading you in every step, outdoorsy tourist destinations like Rajasthan or the grand Taj Mahal would be a pleasure to visit.

Sun-kissed summers of March

March announces the onset of summer, the last month for explorers to flock the bewitching tourist destinations before the murky summers set in. This is the perfect time for an exciting trip to the much famed Golden Triangle that connects three prime tourism spots of India in a pre-bound route. The Golden Triangle Tour includes the National Capital of India-Delhi stretching to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the infamous mausoleum once erected out of bountiful love for his beloved, The Taj Mahal by Emperor Shah Jahan and the marvelous city clad in pink- Jaipur where every corner of the street resonates rich historical nuances. Places like Sikkim, Coorg, Ranthambore, and Ooty too is an absolute pleasure to visit at this time. Make sure you stay back a little longer to enjoy the festival of vibrant colors, Holi, a tradition masked in jubilant playfulness with colors, bright and preppy bursting to life.

Making the best of summer from April-July

The summers promise you an unforgettable experience, but only if you choose the right destinations to travel to. Flock to the mountain as much as possible and unravel in the tranquil laps of lush green valleys, extensive fields shaking hands with the horizon and the sturdy brown mountains creating a picturesque view for you. Places like Darjeeling, Dharamshala, Mussoorie, Coonoor, Lakshwadeep Islands, Mount Abu and more. High altitude destinations would allow you to catch some golden rays while ensuring the modest chill in the air keeps you cool and pleasant. The rain starts showering in by June and that’s when places like Manali, Goa, Nainital, Andaman, and Nicobar could be dared a visit. Who knows if you’re lucky enough to catch some last minute snow due to the heavy showers? A trip to Kerela at this time would simply be heavenly.

The subtle fall in August

Weather picks up its natural enigma during the pleasant months of August when places like Cherrapunji, Udaipur, Bikaner, Kathmandu, and more start shedding their monsoon leaves as they prepare for a fresh batch of blooming nature revealing opulence to be unfolded in the months to come. August destinations can be a mix and match of mountains, beaches, and landscapes- the soothing weather comforting you in its laps all throughout your journey.

Refreshments Galore from September to November

With the nature in its prime and the weather just fine- the stretch between September to November watches India flooding with enthusiastic travelers from far across and Indians themselves revitalizing their monotonous year with a year-end vacation. Possibilities are endless as tourists, at around this time, can visit anywhere around India, everywhere being greeted by an absolute breath of freshness and vigor. Destinations like The Golden Temple in Amritsar, Lonavala, Goa, and Leh would be the best choice for people wanting to explore the cultural scope of India. This is also the perfect time for beach-lovers to go catch some rays as they sip their favorite beer in one of the many popular beach shacks in Goa. This is also the time when India is preparing herself for the New Year to come, surrounding herself with festivities, parties, traditions, and rituals that are simply irresistible to miss.

The Icy Decembers


If winter is not your cup of tea, India is the place for you to be. However, if you’re a fan of bone-chilling nights spent over a bonfire and some smores, India is also the place for you to be. The diverse climatic differences between the major states in India makes this tourist destination the perfect hub for vacations, regardless of your winter preferences. About now, India would be at her bubbliest, illuminating herself in lights as the fruity aroma of freshly baked cakes announces the oncoming Christmas. However, if you want to immerse yourself in something more culturally close to India, visit South India and get hit by a burst of memorable Indian culture etched and chiseled on the very walls of the innumerable religious relics. The Decembers are also best to explore the usually hotter states of India, Mumbai or Jodhpur for example. You may also take a trip to the former French Capital in India, Pondicherry or simply experience something devotionally profound and seraphic in destinations like Madurai and Haridwar.

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