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Delhi surprises me with a prized visit every time I endeavor to unravel myself in its diverse surroundings. This time around my mission was to discover its enthralling museums. While every museum I visited had a persona and characteristic of its own, I choose to describe the best 3 which command attention of a flying visitor.

National Museum

The first one to have caught up with my travel itinerary was the National Museum. Get ready to be caught up in this immersive experience which offers insight into India’s history of a last 5000 years. The treasures within this museum will hold you spellbound as it showcases the rare relics of the Harappan Civilization, artifacts from Buddha’s 4th to 5th Century and alongside all these are the vibrant works depicted in form of the wood carvings, miniature paintings and textiles which truly represent the India’s art and cultural heritage.

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National Gallery of Modern Art

The NGMA as it is most often referred to is a treasury of sorts for the art lover. It boasts of a mammoth collection of more than 14000 works of art which awe the visitor with its varietal display. The works represent the legacy of well known Indian artists such as Raja Ravi Varma, Rabindranath Tagore, Nandalal Bose, Abanindranath Tagore, Amrita Shergil and a host of other prominent artists as well as foreign artists. The work here are dated as long back as 1857. The branch at New Delhi is one of the oldest modern art museums in the world.

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Crafts Museum

Set up as a traditional village of India, this museum is bound to enchant the visitor with its huge and equally mesmerizing collection. One can find a wide array of Indian arts and crafts dating back to the traditional times. An avid buyer can also feast on buying textiles or craft items through the exclusive shopping outlet present inside its premises.

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Insider Tip

Both National Museum & National Gallery of Modern Art are located nearby and can be covered on foot.

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