Disney-Land, Paris for Journey To The Dream World

Next, we are traveling to Disney-Land. Actually, this was my girlfriend request and her suggestion. Being a fan of Disney animated series I was also very tempted to visit this place once. My desire is going to be true this time. So I was very curious to see and visit the place. I wanted to see the place so bad. We went to bed tonight very early as it was a very busy day at Louvre.

Our morning starts with the awesome free breakfast provided by our hotel as a treat. As a treat, they added two more item than a regular mile. It was very nice. As soon as we finish our breakfast we take a quick shower and get ready for our next adventure in Disney-Land.

We went there very early as I wanted to spend as much time as possible in this place. With some kinds of reason, this place was pretty much empty. There were just a few visitors. For that, we explore the whole place freely. We dance with my favorite anime character Micky Mouse, The Snow-White, Doraemon. With a lot of Anime Character, I spend some great moments. It was really enjoyable moments.

Next, we enjoy the cool ride available there. We have a couple of rides. To be honest I try all the rides it was available there in that moments. The rollercoaster and the princess horse was the best one. Also, we enjoy the mighty train what has gone through a scary tunnel. That’s was enjoyable too.

At the lunch time, we have our lunch on a food valley available there. Their Pizza was really tasty. We try the Pepperoni Pizza with the hot tomato sauce.

We explore each and every part of the Disney-Land. But the real fun began at the time of the night. They decorate the Disney Castle with so many charming lights. It looks amazing. I click a picture what I share on this journey. Be sure to see it for yourself how beautiful the castle was looking during the night time. They also launch fireworks into the sky at the evening time. The fireworks also look very dreamy and beautiful. There were balloons, light parachute. Everywhere there is a beauty. We had a great time there.

Insider Tip

Try some Pepperoni Pizza available at the food valley. This item tests so nice!!!!

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