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Dublin, Ireland for Temple Bar

I love Dublin, definitely one of my favorite cities that I have ever been to. It is such a walkable, enjoyable city, even Temple Bar area which to be honest is the most touristic area in Dublin but still great fun. It was a cool area to meet other travelers. We met some new friends from Germany while walking around there, as well as a bachelor party from Wales. That was definitely an interesting experience to say the very least.

Im not a huge Guinness fan usually but, I swear in Ireland it tastes better and different. Granted they truck it down basically four blocks from the factory but still, its delicious. Definitely a fan!

Also, day or night the photogenic area of Temple Bar can not be mistaken. The old cobblestone road and the throwback decor makes for that stereotypical and much needed “Irish” experience.

Dont forget to check out all of the other great parts of Dublin though. You wont be disappointed.

Insider Tip

Irish McDonald’s isnt that bad after a long night of drinking, you will be shocked by the length of the line

Where I stayed / started

Temple Bar Area

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