Dubrovnik, Croatia for The Walls and the Iron Throne

OK, so I just need to get this out of the way – I do not recommend visiting Dubrovnik in the months between May and September. I made the mistake of doing so in the last couple of years and, due to the insane amount of tourist and everything being stupidly overpriced, I wanted to leave the second I entered the Old Town. Still, both times I had to stay and just watch the money disappear from my hands into thin air as I was trying not to faint among 4374937 people in 35+ degree weather. Bad news especially if your guesthouse charges you extra 10 euros for to get the remote control for the a/c (hence me not advertising it here).

This time, however, it was different. We went in fall, but the weather was still lovely, not entirely for swimming, but you wouldn’t want to swim near Dubrovnik anyway. We were able to walk up and down Stradun and actually see all the facades and walk in some shops. Dubrovnik is where they shot some part of Game of Thrones, so you get a lot of GoT-related tat and can even take a picture on the Iron Throne. I, however, opted to get the famous Dubrovnik ice cream instead (probably the cheapest thing you can eat), as we went up the ramparts (this time the tickets weren’t insanely expensive and it doesn’t hurt to be a Serbo-Croatian speaker for extra discount, too) to admire the view of the town and its surrounding areas from up top. We went into this chill little cafe whose layout made it look like it was floating on sea. For food, we visited a vegetarian place that was also in the upper parts of the Old Town, where they served delicious homemade ginger ale and tasty veggie burritos. The waitresses were dressed like a modern version of old Yugoslav department store workers, which I though was quite charming. All in all, you’re not so bad Dubrovnik – at least not those six months a year.

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There’s also a cute little wine bar in the little alleyway of Stradun (forgot the name!)

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