Dudhsagar waterfall– Goa,India for Adventure

This spectacularly beautiful waterfall is situated on on the Mandovi river in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary And Mollem National Park. The name Dudhsagar translates to the ‘Sea of Milk’ in English. This waterfall is situated at the altitude of almost 600 meters and falls beautifully from there.
This Dudhsagar waterfalls is on the border of two states namely Goa and Karnataka.
You can go Dudhsagar by generally two means, by train or by Jeep.
But if you go by train you can just be a witness of such magnificent waterfalls , train will go along tunnels then a sharp U- turn and the majestic waterfalls is just in front of you, and within few moments it will pass away as train will not stop by it. So you won’t be able to enjoy such a big waterfalls when you are on a train.
In my opinion you must go by jeep. We took a car from Goa which went to Kulem , then the forest area starts for Dudhsagar.Then no car can enter to that part other than the Jeep , we took a jeep from the stand and our car was parked there.
Jeep can be hired for a group of four to eight persons each person 450 Rs fare and for camera you have to pay extra .
When our jeep started we were so excited and it took us through dense forest the adventure was like a jungle safari we had to cross two small rivers and saw some wild cats on the way. The road was a bumpy one, within an hour our jeep stopped and the driver directed us the way, there were lots of monkeys playing around just beside us .
We started walking through the forest and it was a rocky path you have to be very very careful otherwise your step can be slipped and your journey will come to an end with a fractured leg. Anyway we gone through that path within 20 minutes around. And here that comes! The magnificent , majestic waterfall for whom we traveled that far! We were spellbound by seeing it.
we were so excited we went into the water of Dudhsagar. You will find lots of volunteers there who will provide you life jacket. I took one and jumped into it, and trust me the water was so chilled I almost got heart attack! Though I am a good swimmer but the chillness of water did not allow me to swim far , within few minutes I came off the water. But out an out it was a spectacular journey , I would remember my life long!

Insider Tip

While you are going to Dudhsagar Falls always go through jeep never go with train , then only you can enjoy the charm of such spectacular falls fully.

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