Eugene, OR, United States for Mame Sushi

First, never show up here without making a reservation. I kept hearing rave reviews about this place and how it is some of the best sushi outside of Japan that money can buy. I 100% agree with that statement and would even be willing to state that it compares to the sushi in Japan. This small hole in the wall style restaurant packs about 20 people at maximum and pray that they sit you at the bar so you can chat with Taru. IN fact, take my word for it and make your reservation for the bar. Not only is Taru very friendly but he takes pride in his craft. His one server and kitchen assistants portray his passion in their personal precision to both preparation and customer care. If you are lucky enough to sit at the bar be prepared to spend a pretty penny and tell Taru to surprise you. He will. This place is a must go and if you do not then you are failing at life.

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