Eugene, Oregon, United States for WJ Skatepark + Urban Plaza

I never go anywhere without at least one board in tow. Most of the time that one is my skateboard. What can I say? I’m an 13 year-old trapped in an “adult’s” body. Before even heading out to Eugene, I knew that I was finally going to have a chance to skate the infamous WJ Skatepark. It is the world’s largest covered skate park and is lit up 24 hours. So no matter what time you arrive there, you can skate! There were a few times on the trip I wish that accessibility was a bit more limited. Especially when those times are at the end of a healthy night of bar hopping around town. All bad decisions aside this place is a transition skater’s wet dream. There was every kind of bowl, quarter pipe, pool and more. I realize this type of excitement only markets to a very few in the world but I saw plenty of spectators coming by to see this concrete creation and even they seemed to enjoy it. My suggestion for this place? Go skate or watch, walk around the corner to Juanita’s, order a big burrito for only five bucks and then walk over to Old Nick’s Pub for $1 happy hour beers. This place is a must visit.

Have you done this? What can you add to this jrrny?

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