Exploring Shamwari Game Reserve Safari for Having My First Journey to South Africa

We know South Africa as a most resourceful country in the whole world. Having so much wildlife and nature. As I am in the mission to see each and every interesting place in the world. So how can I cancel South Africa? from my traveling list.

Yes, I have traveled to South Africa couple of time. In this post, I will share the very first journey I have in South Africa.

We all know South Africa as a most wildly resourceful country in the whole world. So I want to try the wild zone first and Shamwari Game Reserver is the best ever place for the wildlife. By touring this place you can see the wild animals all around you. It is the natural way for observing their habitat. What will be a unique experience for your Journey? Just like mine.

Already I have traveled so many places around the world but without visiting this place my journey will remain unfinished. As I enjoy myself so much. Mostly for the great environments Africa have. When I first stepped onto the Safari a great forest wind blows my hat. It sounds, its smell so nice that I have fallen love with Shamwari Game Reserver. The great smell of the grass and sweet aroma makes the environments more attractive.

If you are a traveler just like me, then you will surely enjoy this place. Why not when you are observing this place click some pictures. If you have kids then they will just love them. All in all a great adventure and I spend a couple of hour with lot’s of fun there. I traveled there alone but it will be great if you are traveling with your whole family. As this can be the perfect family vacation for you. Also, if you are newly married then it will be the best ever honeymoon destination for you. As it is one of the few romantic destination in Africa.

Hope you guy’s will enjoy.

Insider Tip

There is a beautiful food valley inside the Shamwari Game Reserve Lodges where you can have any kinds of food you love. Apart from that there were several stores available there from where you can buy a lot’s of unique things what is not available anywhere in the world.

Where I stayed / started

Shamwari Game Reserve Lodges


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