Florence, Italy for the statue of David

Most people think that the David outside of Palazzo della Signoria is the original, this is where most of the traffic of people go, the original was moved indoors into the Academia Gallery. Let them go there, I decided to go to the (in my opinion) most unique replica of David (Bronzed) at Piazalle Michelangelo. Of course I went to the one outside the Academia Gallery first and then went to the one at Piazalle Michelangelo second. It was an easy trek. The original name of the place is Florentine Piazza, which is an amazing park on top of the hill on the far side of the river. I walked over and up the hill into a sweeping and tall stairway which reveals an amazing panoramic view of Florence. In the middle there is the bronzed statue of David. I grabbed a Peroni with a friend from the cart at the top of the staircase, as we sat on the staircase admiring the view there was a great guitarist playing familiar tunes. Over time the whole stair case was filled with people sitting and sharing in the moment the view with their own friends filled with times of wine and beer. It was amazing.

Where I stayed / started

Academia Gallery


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  1. TravelButler May 7, 2018, 4:01 am

    Sounds like an amazing afternoon!

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