Fort Bragg, CA, United States for Sea Glass Heaven

Since I was a child, I love collecting things. I started with cards and post stamps and went to little, colourful stones. I remember the time when my father and I went down the river and hunted down the most beautiful river stone.
This passion from my childhood led me to Fort Bragg, California where the Glass Beach is situated. I visited a friend of mine there and going to this beach was on my bucket list. I could not miss the Glass beach museum at the end of the city of Fort Bragg and learn the history of these small stones on the beach. Although several stories are told, the most common is that in the past Fort Bragg residents used the place as a water dump site discarding glass, appliances, and even vehicles. However, it is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.
I took a car and arrived on the Glass Beach in the late afternoon. I was lucky to find that there is a free parking area with easy access to the beach – just a short walk and I was there. Getting down to the beach I was amazed by the little sea glass heaven, standing right in my feet. The scenery, especially at sunset, was so beautiful – birds were singing and the sound of the waves crushing against the rocks was music to my ears. I read so much about this place and saw tones of pictures of the glass beach that seeing it now was like a dream came true. I spent hours walking around and enjoying this rainbow of different colours and sizes. I wanted to take a stone or two, just to keep the memory of this vacation, but I did not. However, I saw many people who could not resist a small handful of the little stones. It was not only illegal but they were taking away the beauty of this place. That is why, I was happy to visit the Glass Beach before it is going to be a normal beach, like any other in the world.

Insider Tip

The best time to go is the low tide!

Where I stayed / started

Fort Bragg Glass Beach Museum

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