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Looking for fantastic North Conway Restaurants?

If you’re vacationing at Four Seasons Lodge, I have 7 favorite restaurants in North Conway, NH and they are a mix of family friendly, foodie, moderately priced, and local North Conway restaurants.

In no particular order, my tip picks for restaurants in North Conway are; Stonehurst Tavern, Almost There, Red Fox Bar and Grill, Taste of Thai, Jalisco, North Conway Country Club, and Horsefeather’s and are all within minutes of Four Seasons Lodge – the best North Conway lodge.

Food is not that important to me plus I’m not a foodie and I’m cheap so so those characteristics are absolutely going to influence my top 7 picks.

In no particular order, here are my top 7 North Conway restaurants.
       1. Stonehurst Manor’s Wild Rose Restaurant is THE place to go if you want delicious food, want to try something you’ve never had before (like duck), want a really pretty setting, want to impress someone (most likely), or if you’re cheap like me and want to get two dinners for a special deal on Thursdays.

     2. Almost There is a North Conway restaurant to stop at when you’re “almost there” duh! It’s located in Albany, NH and less than 10 minutes to Four Seasons Lodge and North Conway.
They have GREAT pub food (the fried food is my personal fav), are really considerate and helpful with food allergies (if you have a soy allergy, ask them to cook some sweet potato fries in the pizza oven), very friendly staff, good prices, two-fer midweek specials, and great music on Friday afternoons.
I always suggest my guests at Four Seasons Lodge stop there for a late lunch before check-in.​

       3. Red Fox Bar and Pub in Jackson has the best Sunday brunch on the planet! It’s bee $8.95 for about a hundred years and it’s delicious and has everything you’d want for breakfast. Their pizza and pub food is good but it’s the brunch that keeps me coming back for more.
I always suggest that guests of Four Seasons Lodge got there for brunch after they check-out on Sundays.

       4. Taste of Thai in North Conway is the most delicious Asian food in North Conway, NH. The staff is great, food is varied and delicious, and if you have food allergies they will concoct you a delicious and safe meal.
All their dishes are delicious and their prices, especially lunch, are low.

       5. The locals used to call Jalisco Mexican Grill – the Mexican place in Wendy’s. In their humble beginnings, yes, they were a Mexi North Conway restaurant in Wendy’s.
They have become one of the busiest and best restaurants on the strip for good reason! The food is great, service is very speedy, staff is friendly, they take food allergies very seriously, and prices are very low.

       6. North Conway Country Club’s restaurant called Ledgewood Grill is the BEST kept secret of the locals in town. The view from their huge deck is the best in the valley and you can either eat or drink (or both like I do!) while watching the sunset or golfers.  I prefer sunrise or sunset but that’s just me.
The food presentation is great, the food is fresh and delicious and the prices are less than any restaurants in town. Give them a try and don’t be shy about voicing food concerns.  They are on top of that!

       7. Horsefeathers is on my list for many things before the quality of the food.  I love going places with a great vibe and Horsefeathers definitely has that.
Any day or night of the week you will bump into locals and tourists alike.  The staff has worked there forever and can help you with suggestions of things to do in North Conway, NH.
​I highly suggest going there and enjoying an appetizer and a cocktail.  In my not so humble opinion, their food is way over priced and not top shelf.

Check out Four Seasons Lodge’s blog page for more info on North Conway Restaurants and things to do in North Conway, NH

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