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Nantes is a creative and lively city boasting with its innovations located on the banks of Loire river. France’s one of the most popular cities, Nantes is visited by millions of people every year. City is home to unique and diverse architectural heritage, spectacular scenery, beautiful Cathedrals, Museums and Castles drawing the attraction of people from around the globe. This young metropolis is one of the best live-able cities of Europe. Travelling Nantes is full of surprises and unique offerings awaiting for its visitors. I will suggest you to get a car hire Nantes Airport and make bookings for your accommodation and other activities in advance to avoid last minute troubles and high costs as Nantes is mostly full with visitors. City’s rich cultural diversity, creativity and innovation is reflected in its culinary scene. City is home a an array of good restaurants serving traditional French cuisine to different international cuisines. Here are some of the best restaurants short listed for must visit in Nantes.




Located in Rue Forre Nantes, L’ is one of the most popular restaurant of Nantes. Ver friendly staff, cosy ambiance, and great food are main highlights of this restaurant. Coconut Puree and foie grass with preserved lamb are main specialities of this place. Other must try dishes of L’ includes white chocolate and passion fruit mousse, strawberry ice cream and red seasonal berry cake.




This wonderful restaurant offers treat for both eyes and tongue and a cloud 9 experience of dinning. Chef Jean-Yves Gueho serves amazing combinations of seafood and traditional French dishes. The unique mouth watering flavours of traditional and international cuisines and stunning views over Loire river setting the most romantic atmosphere both at night and day. Their sardines and spider Crab cannelloni are something to die for.



Lulu Rouget

Lulu Rouget is best known for its unbeatable freshness and regional pure ingredients. Just as the city, this restaurant features a range of innovative dishes and some of main specialities of this restaurant includes, raw mackerel with fried celery and combawa, grilled leeks and many more.


Beside these three many more are on the list of Nantes’s best restaurants to visit such as Le1, L’Abelia, Maison La Baron-Lefevre and Le Nouveau Monde.

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