Fruska Gora, Serbia for Hiking, Lakes and Monuments

The northern Serbian province of Vojvodina is known for being really flat almost throughout, but there is one exception to this very green and plain landscape – Fruska Gora, an island mountain that was declared a national park sometime in the 1960s.

To get to there, we took a train to Sremski Karlovci, then a bus to Stražilovo at the foot of the mountain, where we started our hike. Even though at first glace it doesn’t seem as impressive as some other more rigid mountain ranges of the Balkan region, Fruška Gora hides many gems, both in historical and natural terms. The best thing to do it to thoroughly research the area before hand lest you miss something you might want to see. Our path was going from the easternmost point westwards, taking us across the mountain to the rest area of Iriški Venac with its various camping and picnic spots. We continued from there to go the gorgeous Popovičko lake, and on the way we stopped by Pera’s Cave and the amazing Orlovo Bojište viewing point, which overlooks the Danube River and its surrounding area. It was shame we didn’t get to explore the Western part of the range, which also has breathtaking lakes, waterfalls and historical points, but there’s always next time.

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Try finding local wine cellars – this area is known for it’s delicious, fruity wine.

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