Gaston, OR for Kramer Vineyards

Oregon valleys are full of great little gems when it comes to wineries! I spent the day tasting in Gaston for a gal pal’s birthday, and that’s when we met the folks at Kramer Vineyards. Everyone was so friendly! (Especially the winery dog. I wanted to take him home with me.) We tasted several different wines, and they were all delicious, but our unanimous vote was for their sparkling. So incredibly refreshing!

Beyond just being personable, the staff was so knowledgeable and passionate about wine. (And not in the I-have-an-incredibly-demanding-job-and-I-need-this sort of way, like, say, …ahem…someone like me.) They really got excited to tell us about the process, the flavours, the soil – everything. It’s easy to just enjoy a quality glass of wine, but it’s something completely different to really think about the science. I appreciated that they took the time to explain that to us.

At my husband’s request, I toted along our uKeg, and had it filled with Kramer’s pinot gris for a treat to share with him at home. Such a great day!

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Kramer also offers some awesome club options. Members receive shipments of wine that can be customized, plus other tempting benefits. I’m definitely considering it. : )

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